WORKSHOP  – Transparent photovoltaic: status and perspectives

28th April 2022 – University of Rome Tor Vergata, Congress Room, via del Politcenico 1 (hybrid mode)

On the 28th of April, IMPRESSIVE, Tech4Win and CitySolar are organising a workshop at the University of Rome Tor Vergata on Transparent PhotoVoltaics. The workshop is open to every interested parties. We are looking forward exchanging with you at the occasion!

If you are interested to participate in the workshop, please contact Aldo Di Carlo :

Participation to the online event is free (number of attendees is however limited). Registration for the online event at the following link.


9:00 Aldo Di Carlo (ISM-CNR/Univ. Tor Vergata): Welcome

9:10 Hin Lap YIP, Angus (City University of Hong Kong): Optical design for solution-processed transparent and tandem solar cells (invited)

9:40 Annalisa Bruno (NTU, Singapore): Colored, Flexible and stable co-evaporated perovskite solar cells (invited)

10:10 Alex López-Garcioia, (IREC, Spain): Oxide based devices and related heterojunctions for high transparent applications (invited)

10:40 Coffee break

11:00 Alejandro Pérez Rodríguez, (IREC, Spain ): H2020 project – TECH4WIN

11:30 Frederic Sauvage (CNRS, France): H2020 project – IMPRESSIVE

12:00 Aldo Di Carlo (CNR-ISM, Italy) / Christoph Brabec, (FAU, Germany): H2020 project – CITYSOLAR

12:30 Edgardo Saucedo (UPC, Spain) The SENSATE project

12:45 Stephan Aberman (AIT, Austria) The VIPERLAB Project

13:00 Claudia Barolo (Univ. Turin, Italy) Materials for transparent PV